18 December 2014  
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Gesture animations for thug model
Written by 0xA5EA   
Jan 24, 2014 at 01:04 PM

  Image Hi, people. Here are some small videos of hypov8's taunt animations. This model is completely build by hypov8. Note that the skin is taken from Kingpin and will be replaced with new ones.










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Screenshots of a work in progress
Written by 0xA5EA   
Nov 29, 2013 at 05:50 PM

Image Hallo people,
al0 is currently working on a high poly bitch model and here are some screenshots of it. This is still a work in progress. Hope you'll like it.

images/stories/bitch.png                        images/stories/bitch_1.png

images/stories/bitch_2.png                                 images/stories/bitch_3.png

Merry Christmas 0xA5EA

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Good good good news !!
Written by 0xA5EA   
Jul 15, 2011 at 07:41 PM

Image Hallo @ all, it's really unbelievable but after beeing a "One man team" for about two years, five new developer joined the KinpinQ3-team at once and maby some more will join.
Everything started with a chat with Hoogie (I bet almost every Kinpin player can remember his Bagman and Assault server). We were talking about Kinpin and I told him about the KingpinQ3 project. I asked him if he wants to give KingpinQ3 a try and so he did. He liked KinpinQ3 so well that he contacted all game-developer he knows and finally the following people joined the KingpinQ3-team:

  • Hoogie (Leveldesign and misc. tasks)
  • HypoV8 (Leveldesign)
  • Jennifer Cheatham (professional 3D-Modeller and -Animator)
  • KRYPTYK (professional computer programmer)
  • Mayhem The Mapper (Leveldesign)

I would like to say thanks to all new members. Alone it's really hard to keep such a project alive and you can't imagine how glad I am that you all have joined the team :)


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